Our Skills, Philosophy, Mission, and Process

Our team has over 120 years of experience in marketing, animation, and other related services. We started REVITY to give businesses the opportunity to grow through a partnership with a marketing agency who will care about their business as much as they do.

We believe in generating revenue for our clients–and ourselves–with integrity. We pride ourselves on honesty and openness; we encourage our clients to be involved in our process. We firmly believe in providing value first and foremost. We care about the individuals who make up a company and the individuals they serve. Through our service, we help those individuals lead a better and more productive life.

Our mission is to increase the visibility of our clients through an integrated marketing approach. We aim to facilitate a better overall marketplace for businesses and consumers.

We are proud to be among The Best Digital Agencies in Utah!

Revity values and affirmations:
  • Quality Always
  • Honesty & Candor
  • Integrity
  • Hard Work – Go Home
  • Lean – Always Improve
  • Box – Assume Positive Intent
  • Progress Vs Perfection
  • Where is the story? Who is the hero? etc
  • Fail FAST – Fail FORWARD
  • If it bugs you, fix it!
  • The goal is quality (but done efficiently)
  • Stop the line!
  • Money kills innovation.