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Marble Countertops

A home with marble countertops is the envy of all who visit. There’s something really special about marble. Its timelessness is part of what makes it the first choice for many Utah homeowners who are building their dream homes or renovating their current living areas. At Intermountain Stone, we specialize in selecting the highest quality marble and creating beautiful spaces that accentuate the natural beauty of the stone.

Marble Countertops:
Natural, Organic Feel

Marble is a cool, soft stone that encourages relaxation while exuding elegance. It can be integrated into any design. It works beautifully with modern touches and it also pairs perfectly with traditional styles. Its organic feel makes it the focal point of any kitchen or bathroom, and all other design choices fall in line, seamlessly completing the room.

Marble Countertops: Maintenance Will Make it Last Forever

To enjoy marble’s classic beauty for years, you have to care for your marble countertops on a regular basis. Since marble is a more porous stone, acids can stain the surface easier than other materials. Wine and citrus spills must be wiped up right away, and the stone should be sealed regularly for continuous protection.

Marble Countertops:
Soft Stone Is Easy to Shape

Another benefit to selecting marble countertops is how easy it is to form them to fit your needs. Since marble is easier to cut and shape, you can choose extravagant edge designs and not worry that the stone will crack or chip. Marble countertops can be customized to any form, fitting the most uniquely shaped kitchens or bathrooms.

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Marble Countertops

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Utah Marble Countertop Contractor – Depend on Our Expertise

At Intermountain Stone, we know our marble. We can spot beauty in a slab immediately, and we will tailor your countertops to your home’s design theme perfectly. From bright white to solid black, the marble we provide for our clients is first class. Contact us today and learn more about our stone and our superior customer service – you can depend on Intermountain Stone to install excellent marble countertops in your Utah home.