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Why Quartz Countertops are Perfect for the Busy Homeowner

Chances are, your life is incredibly busy and hectic, which is the perfect reason to opt for quartz countertops in your home. Many different types of stone countertops require

A Maintenance Guide To Granite Countertops

Many homeowners opt to put granite countertops in their homes because of their beauty and low-maintenance characteristics. It is an excellent natural stone that holds up well against everyday

What Is Honed Marble? 

Polished and honed marble are usually the top two choices when it comes to the finish of your natural marble stone countertop. While “polished” is relatively self-explanatory, “honed” is different. What is honed

Myths About Stone Countertops

Stone countertops are beautiful — it’s no wonder everyone wants them in their home. Well, almost everyone! If someone starts believing one of these falsehoods about stone countertops, they’re probably highly

Types of Granite Edges ​

Selecting the perfect edge for your granite countertop is just as important as the slab itself. You’ve picked the color, the thickness and the finish, but the edge is

4 Tips for Stone Countertops

Not all stone countertops are created equally — even if they are the same material. For example, granite comes from many places around the world, boasts different levels of

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